To Be Read List: October 2018

Hi blog readers! Recently, I’ve found myself drawn back to reading. It was something I grew up with and used to spend such a lot of time doing, but doing a university degree focused around reading (English literature) meant that reading for pleasure took a back seat, as it has done as I’ve adjusted to […]

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My Trip to Rotterdam

Hi blog readers! Back in June, I was lucky enough to be able to travel to the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands with work, and I am so grateful for the opportunity. Though it wasn’t a holiday — I had to work, of course — I was still able to take some cracking travel shots during […]

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Review: Coffee #1, Stroud

I recently popped into the Stroud branch of British coffee shop chain Coffee #1 for lunch. To drink, I chose a Pina Colada smoothie, and for my meal, I went for a Brie & Red Onion Marmalade croissant.   The Good: – I liked both the smoothie and the croissant (the latter being absolutely delicious) […]

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A Letter to a Friend

Thank you. Thank you for choosing me as someone you call one of your friends. Thank you for the laughter we’ve shared. Thank you for going places with me. Thank you for your sass. Thank you for bonding with me over the television programme Man v. Food. Thank you for the nights out. Thank you […]

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22 Quick and Easy Blog Post Ideas

Are you suffering from writer’s block? It’s a common thing for writers to experience — I’m one and it affects me! If you blog, however, you might find yourself in a situation where it feels like writer’s block won’t do — you want to keep posting regularly, and those posts won’t write themselves! Sometimes, you need a […]

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Wonderful Worcestershire

Hi guys and dolls! That’s right, your favourite banter queen Kate (or loser who doesn’t get out all that much) is back with a new blog post! Yes, it’s just after England’s World Cup defeat and yes, it’s late at night, but writing is my one true love and I want to share some content […]

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My Journey Learning Spanish

Hola a todos! If you had asked me what the above phrase meant in English a year ago, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you. Sure, my incredibly-rudimentary knowledge of Spanish would have allowed me to decipher the first word, but as for what this phrase meant as a whole? I didn’t know (it’s […]

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