How to Revise Well

Hey blog readers! If you’ve got exams coming up imminently, you certainly won’t be the only one — May and June are prime time for exams at all different levels of education. For those of you sitting GCSEs, A Levels or university exams, it’s probably only a matter of time before you’ll be coming face […]

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Is University Right For You?

Hi blog readers! I’ve just got back from a holiday to Amsterdam with my boyfriend (and yes, for any readers of a previous blog post, I got through both the outward and return flight – the former being my first ever plane journey!). I’m going to do a post about that and the trip soon, […]

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My Journey Learning French

I’ve been learning French properly for over 10 years now, after a French teacher from what was to become my secondary school began visiting our primary school class weekly to teach us the basics of the language. However, I’ve had an interest in the language and have been interested in learning phrases from it for […]

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Why English Degrees Are So Fab

Deciding to strike while the iron’s hot off the positive response I’ve received to the creation of the blog, I thought I’d start with proper posts by giving you my thoughts on why English degrees are such great degrees to do (if you’re considering undertaking an English degree, you may want to read on!). Growing up, I […]

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