The Christmas Tag — Part 3

Hi blog readers, Happy Christmas, whether it’s already the big day for you or you’re still waiting! Here’s the third and final part of my Christmas tag. Enjoy! What is your favourite Christmas song? “Last Christmas” by Wham! What is your favourite thing about Christmas? Being with friends and family! What makes the holidays special […]

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The Christmas Tag — Part 2

Hi blog readers! Here’s part two of my Christmas tag! Let me know about your Christmas traditions in the comments! Who makes your Christmas Day very special? My Gran! We’ve celebrated Christmas with her for over 10 years and I love her being there on the day. Which celebrations do you like the most: birthday […]

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Review: Efes Grill, Stroud

Have you ever wished you could have a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean food in one sitting? Well, thanks to the recently-opened Efes Grill, a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant located in the centre of Stroud, Gloucestershire, you can! The eatery, connected to the well-known Milano’s Café nearby, offers both lunch and dinner, with the menu […]

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The Christmas Tag — Part 1

Hi blog readers! I might be a summer girl rather than an autumn and winter girl, but I love Christmas! It’s such a special, fun, exciting holiday, and it still gives me those magical feels. This year, as a special Christmas gift to you, my lovely blog readers, I thought I’d get some related content […]

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Review: Coffee #1, Stroud

I recently popped into the Stroud branch of British coffee shop chain Coffee #1 for lunch. To drink, I chose a Pina Colada smoothie, and for my meal, I went for a Brie & Red Onion Marmalade croissant.   The Good: – I liked both the smoothie and the croissant (the latter being absolutely delicious) […]

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A Letter to a Friend

Thank you. Thank you for choosing me as someone you call one of your friends. Thank you for the laughter we’ve shared. Thank you for going places with me. Thank you for your sass. Thank you for bonding with me over the television programme Man v. Food. Thank you for the nights out. Thank you […]

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22 Quick and Easy Blog Post Ideas

Are you suffering from writer’s block? It’s a common thing for writers to experience — I’m one and it affects me! If you blog, however, you might find yourself in a situation where it feels like writer’s block won’t do — you want to keep posting regularly, and those posts won’t write themselves! Sometimes, you need a […]

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Neglecting My Blog

Recently, I haven’t been posting on my blog as prolifically as I once was. Other life activities, coupled with the fact that I’ve been struggling to come up with ideas for good content that I can be proud of, have meant that new entries on here have taken a backseat. It’s a bit of a […]

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