Review: Rajdoot, Stroud

Hi blog readers!

Most people toast New Year’s Eve with something alcoholic. I toasted it with a curry. Before meeting up with friends to count down to the actual arrival of 2019, I headed to Indian restaurant Rajdoot, located in the centre of Stroud, for my favourite Indian dish, a chicken korma (I know, I’m incredibly boring, but it’s so tasty).

I visited the restaurant in the evening, and at first, I was the only person in the eatery, although more people arrived later on. I ordered a diet coke, a chicken korma and a portion of mushroom fried rice. Overall, I paid £15.00.


The Good:

  • The restaurant was well-presented, with light background music making for a nice touch
  • The table was clean
  • The cutlery was clean
  • Staff were chatting to customers
  • I did not wait long for my food, despite it being New Year’s Eve
  • There were nice touches: I was given a towel after the meal plus an orange-flavoured chocolate
  • I was happy with the food, so I feel the price I paid for my meal represented good value for money


The Not-So-Good:

  • The service: Service could have really been improved. Despite there being no other customers in the restaurant at this stage, there appeared to be confusion when I ordered my drink, as I had to ask for it again and then another waiter checked what I’d ordered. Then there was confusion over whether I’d ordered. It was an older member of staff that seemed to be struggling with orders. When it came to paying, he didn’t let me take away the bill/receipt he’d written out and couldn’t produce a card receipt
  • The kitchen: I was positioned at a table near the kitchen, from which I could hear shouting emerging during my visit, and, at one point, pretty hefty coughing. On top of this, at one point, the chef came out and shouted (at staff, as far as I’m aware)
  • There appeared to be no WiFi for customers in the restaurant

The Verdict:

I really want to give Rajdoot a higher rating as it was a nice place to be overall, I was happy with the food and I felt that the price for my meal offered good value for money. However, because of the pretty gaping holes in service that I’ve noted above, I feel that I cannot give it a rating any higher than three out of five stars.

Rating: 3/5


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