A Southerner in Newcastle

Hi blog readers!

Hope you’ve all had a lovely festive season!

Today, I’m sharing a selection of photos from my visit to Newcastle upon Tyne, located in northeast England in the UK, back in October. I went up there for work, but when I wasn’t working, I had plenty of time to explore the city, and arguably, a little bit of Gateshead, its twin city. It was the 90th anniversary of the Tyne Bridge (see my final Instagram pic) while I was there! The first Instagram pic is of the Gateshead Millennium Bridge.

Walking from Newcastle to Gateshead
Newcastle across the water
Check out this cool sign in Gateshead!
A view from the bridge (a Newcastle bridge!) of Newcastle and Gateshead
On my first night in Newcastle, I headed to Uno’s Trattoria in Newcastle city for a meal. I very much recommend it — tasty Italian food at a great price!
The second evening I was in Newcastle, I met up with the lovely Rachael, a blogger who’s written for my blog before. She’s from the North East, and she took me for a walking tour around the city before we headed for a meal and a natter at the Fat Hippo Underground! Again, I would recommend this place!
This milkshake from the Fat Hippo Underground was great 😀

Many thanks to Newcastle for being such a welcoming place to visit, and to Rachael for meeting up with me! Her blog can be found here: https://rachaelstray.com/


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