The Christmas Tag — Part 3

Hi blog readers,

Happy Christmas, whether it’s already the big day for you or you’re still waiting! Here’s the third and final part of my Christmas tag. Enjoy!

  • What is your favourite Christmas song?
    “Last Christmas” by Wham!
  • What is your favourite thing about Christmas?
    Being with friends and family!
  • What makes the holidays special for you?
  • What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
    I’d love to spend Christmas Day in Australia one year!
  • What do you like the most: staying home with your family or travelling with them on Christmas?
    Staying at home with them!
  • What’s the best part about Christmas for you?
    Again, being with friends and family!
  • When do you start getting excited for Christmas?
    Usually the start of December, I think.
  • Where do you usually spend your holiday?
    At home. We go down to my Gran’s house nearby for Christmas lunch and entertainment afterwards, and it’s always great fun!
  • Who does a lot of work in your family on Christmas Day?
    My parents! They do a lot of the cooking, clean up afterwards and look after my Gran. We couldn’t do Christmas without them!
  • You have been granted one Christmas wish… what will it be?
    A perfect selection of Christmas TV curated just for me… featuring plenty of festive episodes of You’ve Been Framed!

Happy Christmas, gang! Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog this year.

Featured Image: rawpixel/Pixabay/CC0 Creative Commons

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