Review: Efes Grill, Stroud

Have you ever wished you could have a mix of Turkish and Mediterranean food in one sitting? Well, thanks to the recently-opened Efes Grill, a Turkish and Mediterranean restaurant located in the centre of Stroud, Gloucestershire, you can! The eatery, connected to the well-known Milano’s Café nearby, offers both lunch and dinner, with the menu including items like hot and cold starters, dishes with yoghurt and sauce, casseroles, charcoal grilled dishes and vegetarian options.

I visited the restaurant on a Tuesday lunchtime in October, soon after it had launched. While there, I ordered a diet coke and a lamb casserole — a house special described on the menu as coming “with rosemary, thyme, spring onions, button mushrooms, onions and chef’s special sauce” and “served with rice”. Overall, the meal cost £16.95 (with the casserole priced at £14.95).


The Good:

  • The service was exceptional. The waiter who served me was very nice, and we happily chatted away, though he wasn’t overbearing. However, what made the service extra-special was that the restaurant offered me a complementary plate of different salads and a complementary plate of flatbreads to go with my meal. The salads were really nicely presented, and it was a shame I couldn’t really eat them as I’m such a picky eater (silly Kate). I was also given a piece of Turkish Delight at the end of my meal
  • The casserole was delicious, with a succulent sauce. The portion was also of a generous quantity (especially given the free food as noted above!)
  • The décor of the restaurant was gorgeous. There was a lovely little bar in one corner of the restaurant, and the whole place was decorated with beautiful glass lanterns in different colours
  • The toilet facilities I visited were clean


Areas For Improvement:

  • It’s only a very small point, but I believe I was the only person in the restaurant, bar the staff, for my meal, so consequently, the atmosphere was lacking somewhat. However, my visit was very soon after the launch of the business, so maybe word has now got round!
  • Again, it’s a very small point, but some might feel that the overall prices for the restaurant’s mains could be ever so slightly lower. However, given how delicious the food was, and the portion offered, I believe the £14.95 price for the casserole I ordered was a reasonable one

My overall verdict on Efes Grill is that it is a great place to go if you fancy going out for meal, especially if you’re looking for some Turkish or Mediterranean cuisine. It’s a lovely restaurant with fantastic service and food. When I do restaurant reviews, I don’t normally give ratings other than whole numbers. However, because I received exceptional service (coupled with excellent food) and the atmosphere only constituted a very small thing that could have been improved (with the cost not necessarily being an improvement area), I am very happy to give Efes Grill a review of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Review: 4.5/5



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