My Visit to Stroud Vegan Fair

Hi blog readers!

Today, with a vegan fair being held in the town of Stroud in Gloucestershire, I decided to head down to the event to see what it was all about (and with you readers in mind!). I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but with veganism becoming a more and more popular diet, I wanted to see what meat and dairy-free food and ideas were on offer.

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The first thing to note is that Stroud is an ideal place to hold a vegan fair. With the town being home to both a popular independent health food shop plus a Holland & Barrett and a Saturday farmers’ market with vegan options, as well as being located near the home stadium of the world’s first vegan football club, Stroud is arguably a great place to live in if you’re vegan. The proof that Stroud is great for vegan events, however, is the fact that the vegan fair was full of people. When I approached the place where it was being held, the two outdoor hot food stands had queues. The smell was incredible. Inside, the venue was bustling. The main room in which the vegan fair was being sold had a variety of different stalls, be it vegan food stalls, stalls selling non-edible products or stalls for environmentally-related causes.

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Downstairs (aside from the food stands outside), one room had been turned into an area for hot food stands, while the venue’s café (a steward informed me) had turned vegan for the day.

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I bought two food products inspired by the vegan fair. At the event itself, I bought a packet of Cherry Flavour Jelly Crystals from Veggi Jelli (as a meat-eater, I can tell you that this jelly, from the sample I tasted, tasted exactly like jelly with gelatine – despite being made with an ingredient derived from seaweed, according to the man on the stand). You can find them here: I also bought some Sharaf Gluten Free Sun Dried Tomato & Basil Falafel Mix (, made by Sharaf Natural Foods, from Sunshine Health Shop in Stroud because Sharaf Natural Foods had run out of packets of the sample I’d tried at the fair (thanks for telling me where I could buy them, man on the stand!). I feel their falafel mixes would be a nice meat alternative.

Entry to the fair, at £3, also came with a free copy of Vegan Life magazine:


I’m very pleased I went along to the event!

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