Blogs I Love (And So Should You!) 🖊

Hi blog readers! There are some fantastic blogs out there, and since I started blogging, I’ve been lucky to have come across some fantastic blogs that have such great content, you straight away want to read their latest post when you see their name, corresponding to the post, appear on your newsfeed! However, there are other great bloggers, whose blog I know of not through joining WordPress, too. Regardless of how I know of their blogs, here’s a list of my favourites! I wish I could fill this post with URLs to blogs who deserve a shout-out, but that would take too long, so instead, in no particular order, here’s my top 5!

1. If Destroyed Still True

I absolutely love this blog! In it, Tess posts the entries from her teenage diaries, written over a number of years. A great account of growing up in the UK in the late 90s and early noughties, Tess’ blog sometimes includes pictures taken at the time of original writing alongside the diary entry, as well as links to music/TV programmes referenced in the entries, to bring the diary to life.


Latest post:

2. Born Without Marbles

On their blog, Katie writes candidly about living with mental illness. They also couple posts with their own illustrations – which they have a real talent for!


Latest post:

3. Georgia Jamieson Illustration

My best friend Georgia has recently transferred her blog onto WordPress from Blogger, and you should take a look! On it, she showcases the work she has produced both commected to and outside of her illustration degree.


Latest post:


4. living and learning

Libby blogs about her life, touching on a number of issues faced by young people and, specifically, young women. Each post is so well-crafted – Libby is a great writer.


Latest post:

5. Pretty Normal Me

I became aware of Emily through reading an interview she did for The Times Magazine. I looked at her blog and love it! There’s so much engaging content for young women on so many different topics.


Latest post:

What blogs do you think are great? Let me know in the comments!

One thought on “Blogs I Love (And So Should You!) 🖊

  1. Thank yooooouuu! Teen Tess would have run off into the wilderness to live the rest of her life out with the owls had she known people would one day be reading her diary. You’ve made 2017 Tess all smiley though! I’ll have to check out all the others you recommend too…

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