Is University Right For You?

Hi blog readers! I’ve just got back from a holiday to Amsterdam with my boyfriend (and yes, for any readers of a previous blog post, I got through both the outward and return flight – the former being my first ever plane journey!). I’m going to do a post about that and the trip soon, but first, in line with a request to write more content about university topics, here’s a post to all you people considering going to university about whether it is the right choice for you.

University is a big investment in more than one way – aside from the high tuition fees and accommodation costs, you’ll be spending a significant amount of time in your life studying in a certain location! You’ll likely want to make sure you make the right decision. When you’re considering making an application for university, you might want to ask yourself these questions (I’m not a uni expert, so these are just my ideas):

Am I confident that there is a certain subject (or, at least, a small number of subjects that I can narrow down to a particular course available) that I know I’d like to study at university?

Do I specifically want to get a degree?

If planning to do a degree for the purposes of getting a job afterwards, is a degree necessary for the job I want to do in the future? Are there other ways to get into the industry I want to work in?

Can I work independently?

Do my current academic levels/scores indicate that I would struggle at university?

If I am planning to study for a degree full-time, away from home, am I mentally and physically well enough to be able to do this?

If I am planning to study away from home, am I ready to move away from where I currently live?

Using Laptop Picture.jpg

Am I only feeling like I should go to university because it seems like the done thing nowadays/all my friends are planning on going and I don’t want to end up left behind in our hometown?

Will the degrees/universities I am looking at get me a job after I complete the course, or increase my chances of getting a job?

Do I think I could spend likely three or more years studying a subject?

Do I like the look of the universities where the kinds of courses I want to do are offered?

Do I think having to pay for the high tuition fees will be a wise investment for the future?

I hope this post is of interest, to prospective students or otherwise! Have any ideas about questions that could be added to this list? Comment below!


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