My First Plane Journey: What Should I Expect?

Hi blog readers!

In this post, I’m asking for your input! My boyfriend and I are going on holiday abroad and will be going by plane to get there. In my whole 21-and-a-bit years on this planet, I have never flown, so this will be my first plane trip! Flying is something that I want to do in my lifetime, but I’m still a bit apprehensive and not sure what it will be like. What do you think I should expect, both at the airport and then during the actual plane flight? Also, what should I do during the trip? It’s not a long one but I’ll still have a bit of time to occupy.

Also, if you have ideas for what blog posts I should do in the future, let me know!



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5 thoughts on “My First Plane Journey: What Should I Expect?

  1. One little tip for the flight is that they only allow you to take a certain amount of liquids in hand luggage, so I try to have as little liquidy makeup in hand luggage as possible

    Future blog posts I would be interested in are:
    – things related to uni. experience eg moving away
    – book etc reviews
    – local events/interviews
    – digital detox and organisation/motivation tips 😉

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  2. At the airport expect the lines to check in/go thru security to be long especially since it is summer so make sure you arrive with plenty of time!
    If you have extra time, you can browse the shops, buy some snacks, etc but the airport is known for being expensive!
    As far as flying goes, most of the time it’s smooth sailing, but you may get some tuberlance so if you’re prone to motion sickness be prepared for that. Also the landings can be rough. Taking off is fine, but your ears will start having a lot of pressure when you get higher into the air. The easiest way to get rid of it is to yawn.
    The views from the plane are the best so if you or boyfriend have a window seat, take a peek every now & then.
    During the flight you can read, listen to music, write, or do whatever you’re interested in. You can use your electronics while in the air (just not while taking off or landing) so you can play games & do other things on your phone as long as it doesn’t need Internet
    I hope this helps!

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