What I Like About Summer

Hi blog readers!

A few months ago, soon after I started up this blog, I wrote a post about what I like about spring and it got quite a good reception. However, given that summer is my all-time favourite season of the year, it made sense to write a post about all the great things that summer brings! It’s probably good to note that I’ve also just learnt how to put GIFs into my posts, so this post is going to be full of them (if they display correctly, that is).

The first thing I like about summer is how much more sunny and warm it is than other seasons. I can’t say that summer is always sunny because I reside in the United Kingdom – a country known for its average weather conditions – but in summer, you’re so much more likely to get a bright, warm day with big, blue skies – another thing about summer I absolutely love. What with the fact that all the plants are lush and flowering, on a warm summer day in Britain, it can feel like you’re in the Med (I should note I’m imagining the baking hot British days are the same, as I’ve never been near the Mediterranean Sea, but I will visit one day!). I’m not a winter person, so I would much rather choose a baking hot day than a day of snow, so I love that summer offers more chances of beautiful days like these.


I also love how the summer coincides with long days in the UK, where dark mostly doesn’t fall until after 9pm. It just makes you feel you can seize so much more of the day! Yes, we’ve had our longest day of the year now, but that’s still plenty of extra daylight hours to make the most of.

Another thing that’s great about summer is that it’s prime time for barbeques! If you’ve been a reader of my blog for a while now, you might have discerned that I’m someone who loves eating (and does it too much for their own good), and a barbeque is a great form of cooking! There’s often so much on offer with barbeque meals too, don’t you think? Even the smell of a barbecue is evocative of a warm summer’s day.


I should note that summer is a great time for a picnic as well, though I haven’t had one of those in ages. I should make sure I set up a great picnic setting and spread! There are lots of great fruits that are in season in summer, like scrummy raspberries, and it’s a great time for ice cream!

Summer always lends itself to a great range of activities. Whether it be going to the beach (I love the seaside!) or an outdoor pool, going on holiday, camping, going to a festival, eating at a restaurant, exercising or having a water fight, there’s lots to do! I’m not a sporty person as my recent post has shown, but tennis is a summer sport and I don’t mind that one. I quite like watching Wimbledon matches on TV.

Summer clothes are normally really stylish and cute too. I’ve just bought my dress for my graduation ceremony in July and it’s white with a summery floral print! Music released in the summer/themed around summer things is often upbeat and really good to listen to as well.

Finally, summer really feels like a season that can put you in a better mood. I always seem to be in a better mood when it’s a gorgeous day!

giphy-downsized Clueless Tai.gif

Would love to read your comments on this and my other posts – in particular, this one: https://katejones50.wordpress.com/2017/06/29/storytime-my-physical-education-fails/


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