Côte Brasserie Cirencester Review: Go Here for Amazing Food

Yesterday, my Mum took me to the Cirencester chain of Côte Brasserie to celebrate me recently receiving my degree results and getting a job that I applied for. She had wanted to go for a while after seeing that they had an offer on where you get two courses for £10.95. Unfortunately, when we initially entered the restaurant and asked about it, the waitress informed us that the offer was only available from Monday to Friday. We then decided to go and see if we could get something else, as it was really the offer we were looking for (and for me at least, the possibility of eating steak frites). However, soon after, while on the lane outside the restaurant, we happened to notice the same waitress putting an advert for a selection of £10.95 weekend specials in a holder outside the eatery, and given the choice on offer, decided to go for that instead.

I’m very glad we did! We were promptly shown to a selection of available tables in the area up a set of steps, in the middle of the restaurant. The ambiance was very stylish and relaxed, and care had clearly been taken with the décor of the restaurant.

Some might argue that this review is slightly biased given that I discovered my main meal was being served by an old classmate at my Sixth Form and we had a chat, but that aside, service was friendly, attentive and very efficient, with staff clearly aiming to give customers a great dining experience. Just before he spoke to us for the first time, a waiter who served us fixed a bulb on one of the many wall-mounted lamps in the restaurant, and I hadn’t even noticed that there had been a problem with it. We ordered two cloudy apple juices at £2.55 which arrived quickly, along with the tap water my Mum asked for, which came in a nice jug.


Now the most important part: the food! My Mum and I both went for the steak frites option at £10.95 a dish, and the meal was absolutely fantastic. We asked for our steaks to be well done, and the staff were only too happy to oblige. Our steaks came with a knob of garlic butter in the middle, chips in a little bucket and a green side salad with little bits of red onion, which didn’t seem uncooked, and dressing. It looked fantastic, and as you can see from the photo, I started tucking in before I remembered to take a photo. I ate everything, and I’m not a big salad person so wouldn’t normally eat raw spinach leaves or a dressing. Other people’s food looked delicious as well. My old Sixth Form classmate also got us the condiments we asked for.


Our delicious main course likely influenced our decision to get a dessert. I got the chocolate mousse (£4.95) while my Mum got the coupe noire – vanilla ice cream with a hot, chocolatey sauce and a pack of wafers (at least, I think there were two) – which she absolutely adored. The chocolate mousse was delicious.


As regards areas to improve on? Our table had a tiny amount of leftover food on it when we arrived, as well as maybe a slight residue of something (though that could have been cleaning products). For a truly personalised dining experience, one waiter or waitress could have been assigned to our table for the entirety of our visit, and the waitress we spoke to the first time we entered the restaurant could have told us about the weekend specials option then to try and encourage us to still have a meal at Côte Brasserie.

However, these niggles aside, dining at Côte Brasserie Cirencester was a fantastic experience, with delicious food at reasonable prices, a lovely atmosphere and great service. We will certainly be eating at a Côte Brasserie restaurant again.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


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