Readly App Review: So Many Magazines For So Little Money

Hi readers!

If you’re like me and you love magazines, I highly recommend you download Readly. I’m not being paid to write this – rather, I’m heaping praise on this app because it is practically a magazine lover’s dream, with very few shortcomings.

I don’t remember if I’d heard about this app before seeing an advert for it on television, but it was that commercial which got me looking into Readly. The app, which was founded in Sweden and launched in the UK in 2014, has developed massively in recent times, having reported an 84 per cent year-on-year rate of growth for the second half of 2016.

What does it offer you? For the affordable sum of £7.99 a month, a subscription to the app grants access to over 2200 magazine titles, including some back issues. You can access your subscription on five different devices, and you can also download the magazines onto the app, meaning that if you’re going somewhere without easy access to the Internet, you’ll never be short of stuff to read.

Are the magazines any good, however, you ask? From a new user to the app, the answer is a categoric yes. So many titles are on offer based on different topics, including fashion magazines (including ELLE, Look, Cosmpolitan and Marie Claire), celebrity gossip magazines (like OK!, Now and Closer), real-life magazines like Pick Me Up and Take a Break and so many more. If you’re into travel, you can flick through titles like Wanderlust Travel or Country Walking. If you’re into politics, The Spectator and The Week are available on the app. If you like films and TV, you can read Empire or Inside Soap. Plus there’s a load of food magazine titles too – who doesn’t love looking at a picture of a great recipe?

Another great thing about the app is that the subscription also offers you access to a number of international magazine titles too, like magazines from the US, for example. You can also filter search results by a number of languages, like English, French and German, so if you’re looking to improve your skills in a certain language, this app could be for you!

Plus points about Readly include how easy the app is to use, as well as the range of titles on offer. My subscription was easy to set up and there were two money-saving offers to choose from when I registered. There are a few downsides, like the limited number of French magazine titles that I’ve found, plus the fact that the app doesn’t have US or British Vogue. However, with so many other titles, you’ll be spoilt for choice, and who knows how the app will develop in the future?

Overall, though, I’d highly recommend subscribing to this app. If you love magazines, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth!

If you’ve got Readly, what do you think of it? What are your favourite mags on the app?


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