Mini Travel Bucket List

It’s safe to say that I haven’t done much travelling abroad. Myself and my sister have never been on a plane journey before, and I took my first trip abroad that I would actually be able to remember (having last been abroad as a baby) in 2012. So far, France is the only country other than my own that I’ve visited, and so consequently, there’s so many places I’d like to visit. Here is a list of theย countries I’d especially like to go to:


There must be a reason why so many Brits choose to move to Australia. It would be so cool to spend a Christmas Day on the beach!

New Zealand

Ditto New Zealand for the Christmas Day on the beachย idea.

New Zealand


I studied American politics for the A2 section of my A Levels and it really showed me what a diverse country the USA is and how different it is to Britain. I would love to see what life is like there.


It would be great to visit this country, and visit places like Rome, Naples and Florence.


I’d like to visit the Anne Frank House.


I’d love to see what this country is like!


From what I’ve seen, Japan looks like a beautiful country. I’d also love to sample authentic Japanese cuisine.



It would be absolutely fascinating to see remnants of the Berlin Wall, which was used to divide what was then West Berlin from East Germany and East Berlin.


Greece looks absolutely beautiful from the shots I’ve seen – picture-perfect! It must be an absolutely fantastic place to holiday in and I’d love to take a trip here.

I especially hope to be able to visit these countries soon. Where do you think I should visit?


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