Where to Go High-Street Shopping (UK)

Sometimes, nothing boosts your mood like a bit of self-indulgent shopping. I think it must be human nature to like new things! Whenever I go on a shopping trip, I always tend to end up going to the same places, because they’re such great experiences in themselves through the things they offer.

Starting from the shops that are most likely a given in any local town (they exist in my remote town, anyway!), I work my way up to the less widespread high-street chains that I like to shop at.

New Look

In my closest town at home, there aren’t many high-street chains that females can buy their clothes from. I would reckon that the great majority of my clothes are from New Look (if you were to do an audit of my outfit on a random day, I’m sure at least one item would be from there, if not more). It’s so in tune with what’s popular in high-street fashion at the time and there’s so much on offer, from clothes and shoes to bags and home accessories!


I sometimes wonder if I’m the only girl at my university who shops at Peacocks. A beacon on any British high street, it offers stylish clothes for less. I once got a big bag and a purse in the same shade from there.


I’m not a big makeup girl, as you’ll know if you read my blog, but I do tend to get my makeup from here. There’s just something about it that feels friendly.


A fab place to go for books and a huge selection of newspapers and magazines!

The Works

This place offers cheap new books and stationery.

Holland and Barrett

Does just being in Holland and Barrett make you healthier? Go here for nutritional supplements, health foods and products for vegetarians and vegans.

Shopping 2


Do not underestimate this place. I often get makeup wipes here as they’re so cheap. You can also get things like appliances, wall prints, kitchen stuff and home accessories.


Another place not to overlook! These shops normally offer a huge range of beauty products, books and cleaning/laundry products for dirt cheap prices. You can also buy Nerds there (the American sweets that would likely cost way more in other shops).


I absolutely adore this shop – I feel so at home there. It’s a book-lover’s dream and offers all the latest reads. There’s always a coffee shop tacked on too so you can be all arty and read your purchases with a delicious drink.


Like a home accessories version of IKEA, this place offers a mix of practical and quirky items.

House of Fraser

This place is a hidden gem for fashion! There’s often a number of different fashion and beauty chains inside each store.

Urban Outfitters

Though this place makes me feel so uncool when I walk inside as it’s so stylish and hip, it’s great! It offers a mix of clothing, accessories, homewear, books and records (that’s right!).


A great place to get all your staple pieces for your wardrobe.


Such pretty stationery! If you want to get your stuff mega organised, go here.

Oxfam Books

This charity shop offers really good quality second-hand books at great prices, meaning when you buy a great book, you donate to the charity too.

Maybe this list will give you some places you hadn’t previously thought about looking in. What are your favourite shops?

This post was efited on 20 November, 2017.


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