To-Watch List: Girly TV to Catch Up On

I love TV! I don’t know where I’d be without it – it can really cheer you up and help you relax.

Watching girly TV can be great fun – it’s great to have some female-centric shows that you can laugh at or relate to as a female (not all of them fit this latter idea, though – I’m not stuck on a murderous university campus like on Screen Queens!). I really haven’t got time to catch up on all the girly TV I want to at the moment, what with my upcoming university assignments and French speaking exam. However, I can certainly make a watch-list to remind me of programmes I want to see, once I’ve got some free time! Maybe this will give you some ideas of what to watch next too.

Some Girls
This BBC Three series, made before the channel went online-only, centres around the lives of four girls who are players on the girls’ football team at their school. It’s kind of like a female version of The Inbetweeners.

The Real Housewives of Cheshire
Now in its fifth series, this show focuses on the glamourous lives of several women living in upmarket Cheshire. Apart from envying the ladies’ incredible homes, outfits and lifestyles, you can laugh at some of their hilarious comments during the green screen filming! Drama’s afoot though – expect fall-outs.

Gossip Girl
I need to watch more episodes of this!

Dance Moms
The girls in my student house this year got me into watching this. This show, which made the likes of Maddie Ziegler famous, focuses on the mothers and their daughters connected to a competitive dance team in America. I really want to watch all the episodes in full.

Scream Queens
As I’ve got older, I’ve got into black comedy. I don’t know why, but I really enjoy them! Maybe it’s the way they make gruesome stories light-hearted. The first series focuses on a sorority rocked by a spate of murders on their university campus. Again – the styles of the outfits and the sorority house are enviable.

The Clique
This has been streamed online on BBC Three – it was actually advertised at my university campus! It’s all about an elite clique at a university. I haven’t watched any episodes of this yet, but I really want to!

Australian Ladette to Lady
A bit of an older one, but this show is absolutely hilarious. I watched the first episode with friends from my old student house and it was great fun. This show focuses on Australian ladettes who are shipped off to England to attend a finishing school in an attempt to turn them into ladies. Who will win?

Badass Brides
I saw an advert for this and it looks fantastic! It doesn’t look like the preparation for these weddings will go smoothly.


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