Visit to Whole Foods Market’s Cheltenham Store

The weekend just gone was a great one! The last few days were really warm, and my Mum really wanted to do something on Saturday. I managed to convince her to take us (including my sister) to have a browse at Whole Foods Market at Gallagher Shopping in Cheltenham – which is essentially a superstore, complete with restaurant area, full of really healthy, good food!

I’m definitely not into the clean eating trend – I’ll eat junk food snacks as much as the next person, or probably more – but Whole Foods Market offers such a fantastic range of nice products, some healthy and others less so! These were being shown off to their best when we visited on Saturday. There were lots of sample stations, including one of vegetable juices and one with flavoured ice tea. Other stations could have done with topping up, but the ones I’ve mentioned had lots of samples.


The store offers lots of choice for customers with areas including a deli section, a butchery, a fishmonger’s and a bakery. There are lots of areas of the store where you can fill up your own portions of ingredients, like a spices area, an area with lots of different types of coffee beans and salad bars. There are also plenty of options for food on-the-go, like a bar, a coffee bar and an area serving hot, well-made food. Lots of different diets are catered for in the store, including vegetarian and vegan diets. In short, there’s lots on offer!


There’s also an area with presumably-natural beauty products and supplements, and you can also pick up lifestyle magazines at the store too (I think I saw a yoga magazine!).


The only downside to Whole Foods Market is the price of products. There were definitely some good prices, but you’d have to be loaded to regularly shop there, as a lot of the items were quite expensive. Still, if you live near a branch of Whole Foods Market, you could always go for a drink or a bite to eat there, or find a product you’ve been looking for for ages. We also went to some other shops on our trip, but going to Whole Foods Market was the best store visit!


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