Trip to Chelmsford + Review – The Maddie Diaries by Maddie Ziegler

From Monday to Thursday, I went to visit my boyfriend, and on Tuesday, we took a trip into Chelmsford in Essex – a city that I had never previously visited! I was delighted to see a branch of the chain Taco Bell, of Mean Girls fame, in the city – they’re not common in my neck of the woods! However, we actually had lunch in bb’s coffee & muffins in Meadows Shopping Centre in the town. Though I didn’t sample any of the famous muffins, the chicken and bacon panini I had was very nice.

I also did a bit of shopping while we were in Chelmsford – buying a new Maybelline eye pencil (as I had over-sharpened my previous one trying to get it to “a fine point” as an online eyebrow tutorial advised me to sharpen it). I also picked up a free copy of NME in the city – thanks HMV! Before that, though, I spent some money on the book tokens I have left to spend on a copy of dancer Maddie Ziegler’s memoir The Maddie Diaries. I saw it while I was in WHSmith in the city and thought it looked like a fun read. I tend to read things for fun like celebrity autobiographies – maybe because I’ve read so much classic literature during my degree, I’ve wanted to enjoy books which involve less mental exertion!

I got through the book, which remains upbeat and light-hearted for the great majority of its content, really quickly. It was really interesting to read about how Maddie Ziegler developed her dancing skills, her experiences on the television show Dance Moms and the opportunities that she has been afforded since she began appearing on the show. I barely need to mention the success of Ziegler’s work with Sia, and a whole chapter is about the singer! Other topics covered include Ziegler’s role as a judge on So You Think You Can Dance and her branching into the world of acting. Dance Moms and the people involved in it have a big teen girl fanbase, and that is catered for in the memoir. There are big chapters on fashion and beauty and lots of comments from Ziegler about being a teenager. At the end of each chapter, Ziegler turns agony aunt and answers typical adolescent problems. In short, teen girls will love this book!

However, readers from other age groups will be interested to learn more about this girl’s incredible rise to fame, and can take away a lot of life lessons from the book, including what can be learnt from failure. This is a nice, fun read!


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