Life After Features (with Winstones Ice Cream)

I’m now back at home after my second term of my third year at university. Friday was my final day as Online Features Editor for Exeposé before the new committee took over. On Saturday, it was strange to know that I would no longer be having to do all the editing things I used to do for Features. However, maybe I’d been running on autopilot until the role ended, as I started getting a sore throat on Friday evening, and then when I woke up on Saturday morning, it was worse. I’m still a bit under-the-weather – maybe my sore throat and snuffly nose has developed in response to all the work I’ll have to do over this holiday!

However, I’ve been enjoying my time at home so far. I’ve finally been reading a book I’ve got, Is It Just Me? by Miranda Hart, which I’ve been taking to uni with the hope of having time to read since I started there! I’m also off to visit my boyfriend tomorrow, which I’m really looking forward to. Yesterday, my parents had to go to our local town, so I went with them, and on the way back we drove up to Winstones Ice Cream factory, which sits on a common overlooking the town. Everyone in my local area seems to gravitate there when the sun appears!

Winstones make a range of delicious, eye-catching ice cream flavours (note the photo I found online below!). They’ve also benefitted from a recent redevelopment, which really allows the ice cream to be shown off in all its glory. You can also buy sealed packs of the ice cream to take away. However, we were just having portion-sized options, and I went for the blackberries and cream flavour in a tub (with added chocolate sauce) which was so tasty!

Chocolate and honeycomb 😛

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Winstones is a great place to enjoy an ice cream, what with the fantastic views over the Stroud valleys. Note these pics taken in the summer, which I think are from just near the factory:


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Panoramas like this make me realise how lucky I am to live in the area that I do (despite its lack of transport connections and high-street stores incredibly near). If you’re ever in the Stroud area, I’d recommend a visit!


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