A Week of Lasts

This week has been quite a significant one. As it’s the final week of Term 2 in my third year at university, all official teaching finishes up this week. This means I’ve had my last French class (after learning French since 2006), my last lecture (well, this Monday’s dissertation lecture would have been my last, had I attended), my last dissertation supervision session and this afternoon, I had my last seminar. It will very likely be the final time I ever do any of these things at the university I attend at the moment, and as I haven’t applied for a Master’s degree for the next academic year, who knows if I will have these activities again?

It’s also been my last week as Online Features Editor of Exeposé, my university’s student newspaper. On Saturday, the new editors will be taking over the role, and we were showing them the ropes today. It will be nice not having to balance editing articles with academic work, but I will miss it and it will be weird to not have that “title”. Also, the fact I will soon not have access to the student media facilities I have known makes you think about whether you will get opportunities like the ones you’ve had in the real world in the future. It’s so hard waiting for responses to applications to internships and traineeships I have made, not knowing whether I’ve been rejected already or have been successful.

However, it’s not the last time for everything. Though I just did my last show of term, I will hopefully be back broadcasting next term before I graduate, and I’m certainly not stopping this blog! It’s not the last time I’ll read a book, write an article or listen, read, write or speak French.

At some point I have to enter the big wide world. I was talking to my friend about leaving uni yesterday and I mentioned how starting a university’s so hyped up, yet no-one prepares you for leaving uni. However, I am determined to try and make a career in media in some form. I feel this sector offers lots of opportunities and I’m confident that if I’m lucky enough to get jobs in this industry, working in it will not be a step down from university.

Note: The picture symbolises my degree!


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