5 Grocery Money-Saving Tips at University

I need to start this post by saying that I’m a total hypocrite when it comes to most of these tips. I’m as guilty as the next student with regards to going to more expensive food shops for convenience. However, recently, I was horrified to discover that I’d unknowingly run up a huge phone bill (I’d rather not mention the amount), and knew I had to cut costs. This lackadaisical attitude to money is unlike me, as I’ve generally been quite frugal about my spending at university. I tend to find I spend most of my student loan and grant on food, so here’s some tips to make your maintenance costs go that bit further in this area, as well as other groceries.

1. Use cheaper supermarkets

There’s no denying that some supermarket brands are more expensive than others (Waitrose, anyone?). Try and use supermarket brands which sell items at a cheaper price – you’ll likely be able to get more items for the same price than at other supermarkets. Tesco is great for this.

2. Scan the reduced section

Keep an eye out for reduced stickers on products. You might be able to get a meal for a really cheap price, or food that would have cost more otherwise.

3. Look out for offers

Sometimes, a supermarket will lower the price of certain items for a short period. Keep an eye out for this.

4. Try own-brand products

I’m especially hypocritical with regards to this tip, but certain items can be a lot cheaper, offer more quantity and have a similar taste if you buy them from the company’s range. I bought a pack of Co-Op chocolate chip cookies that lasted ages.

5. Use pound shops to make savings

I tend to buy detergent and fabric softener from pound shops – why pay more when you can get each item for a pound (or less with regards to certain products?). You can also save on a lot of other items, like food, too.



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