Birthday trip to Patisserie Valerie

I was very lucky to be offered a trip to Patisserie Valerie as part of my 21st birthday present from some of my friends (all of whom I met in halls in my first year) at university. We went to the branch on Exeter High Street on an afternoon to sample some of their delights!

The front of the patisserie is so visually appealing for anyone going past, what with the fantastic range of cakes displayed in the window! They cater to lots of different preferences – whether you’re the kind of person who loves chocolate or prefers a fruit tart, they’ve likely got something you’ll like. From the selection in the window, it seems that you can also get big cakes for things like birthdays too.

From the window, it’s hard to tell that there is so much space to eat in inside the patisserie, but the outlet actually goes back quite a long way. We were promptly seated and served efficiently. I don’t drink tea and don’t drink coffee much, so went for a hot chocolate to drink, which was lovely, well presented, and had a tasty layer of chocolatey froth, with cocoa powder, on top. I chose a slice of black forest gateau which was so tasty, with a chocolatey sponge, whipped cream, chocolate decoration and tasty cherries. Two of my friends went for the Selba cake, which was just as showstopping!


One thing that might surprise you about Patisserie Valerie is the amount of choice on offer. There’s actually lots of savoury food on offer if you’re looking to have a meal. I noticed a set menu available, and on the main menu, there were lots of different items like savoury-filled croissants and sandwiches, as well as an all-day breakfast and brunch menu. My friend got a salmon bagel, which came with salad and chips. Both the hot and cold drinks menus are extensive, and you can also get scones as well as tarts and cakes.

Patisserie Valerie is a great place to have a bite to eat and I highly recommend it!


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