What I Like About Spring: Flowers and Fashion

I’m really not an Autumn or Winter fan: they’re too cold and not very nice to be outside in! However, I really love the feel of Summer, when the days are long, everything’s green and lush and the temperature has risen.Spring is a clear sign that warmer climes are on the way (likely only marginally warmer, given that I live in the UK) and is a welcome relief after months of cold, all the trees being bare and plants looking sorry for themselves. There are so many things to enjoy about Spring, and I’m going to give you some examples in this post!

For me, there are some flowers blooming that really symbolise the idea of warmer times being on their way. Obviously, daffodils are an obvious choice, but there are some other plants that flower during this time of year too. I absolutely love the blossom from cherry trees that appears in this season. My parents trained in horticulture, and my Mum advised me to mention the magnolia soulangeana too – which, admittedly, has beautiful flowers!


People often start cutting grass again at the start of Spring too. In a class at university today, someone was going about with a strimmer/mower outside the window, and though it was a bit noisy, that sound can remind you of Spring as well, I guess. I therefore smelt cut grass today, and it made things seem a lot more Spring/Summer-like.

Another thing I love about Spring is the days getting longer. I absolutely hate the clocks going back in Autumn, but now, in March, there seems to be daylight until after 6pm. There always seems to be a sudden boost of temperatures in March too – meaning all Brits immediately shed a layer or two of clothing and then regret it when the temperature drops soon after!

The mention of clothing is a good time to go on to talk about fashions that seem perfect for Spring. I’ve been having a look at websites for different Spring 2017 fashion trends just to see if my ideas were along the right lines, but frankly, so many out-there trends were on offer, I just think I’ll stick to the things that seem right for this time period:

  • Florals: I feel like this might elicit Miranda Priestly-style reactions by putting this trend forward, but big floral prints on things like big swishy skirts would be ideal for this time of year.
  • Tops with frilled/gathered sleeves: These seem really popular at the moment. Clearly, a more 70s trend is coming back! This style brings me on to another popular type of clothing at the moment:
  • Black and white gingham: I bought a top from Primark the other day in this style, which seems to be all over the high street right now. Mine had a frill at the bottom too.
  • Embroidery: I’m not sure about this trend at the moment, but you won’t be out of place if you wear it now. I have two embroidered pieces here at uni that I purchased before 2017 began – maybe it’s just way too dated for someone like me to wear anymore (just kidding, by the way).

Let me know what you like about Spring!


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