Guest Post From Emma: My Top Five Fashion Trends

Hi all! My sister is staying with me this weekend, and I decided to see if she wanted to write a guest post. She agreed, and here it is! Kate

Hi, I’m Emma, Kate’s sister. I’m probably what you would call a classic 16-year-old and I am very into my clothes. Therefore, when my sister said I could write a blog post I thought I would do it on fashion, specifically my five favourite fashion trends. Enjoy!

1. Chokers

Now I must admit, when these first started becoming a trend, I hated them. I thought they looked uncomfortable for people and a bit too gothic for my liking. However, recently I purchased one and I have been wearing it all the time. They add a 90s vibe to any look, and are very popular at the moment. I have a simple black choker which I bought from Primark for £1.50!


2. Mom Jeans

Another trend that I have been loving recently is Mom Jeans. These jeans are often high-waisted and have no shape, which sounds terrible but they do actually give a stylish look because they’re different to your regular skinny jeans and they look fab with a choker.

3. Pinafores

Pinafores are brilliant for people who want to wear a dress but don’t want to go over the top. They are super comfortable and spice up any outfit. I only have one, but it has kept me going for at least a year. It’s a denim pinafore from New Look and the quality is great. They normally retail at around £20.

4. Checked Shirts

I love checked shirts! These are brilliant for any season and they add a relaxed, comfy look to any outfit. I have had quite a few over the years from different shops but my favourite one at the moment is a green and black checked shirt, also from New Look! I enjoy wearing it with my blue denim Mom Jeans.


5. Faux Sheepskin Coat

For winter this year, I needed a new coat to see me through it and while out shopping one day, I came across a grey faux sheepskin coat in White Stuff. Now White Stuff is not a shop I regularly go in, but I will never doubt them again because the coat is perfect. It keeps me extremely cosy and has good sized pockets to keep my hands protected from the wind. I still receive compliments on it today!

There are my five favourite fashion trends. I hope this gave some of you some inspiration for when you next go looking for clothes. Happy shopping!



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