Review: The Diner, Stroud

Milkshakes! Burgers! Hot dogs! Ice cream sundaes! Who doesn’t love all these treats? I know I do! All these things are staples of the traditional American diner. Yet, what if I told you that you can get that American diner experience, with its own, unique feel, in Stroud in Gloucestershire, all the way across the […]

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Review: Toby Carvery Brockworth

Who doesn’t love a roast? Whether you’re a meat-eater, vegetarian or vegan, sometimes nothing beats a plate of roasted delights swimming in gravy. And if you don’t like gravy, how can you not?! I’d been experiencing a craving for a visit to a Toby Carvery, which proclaims itself to be “the home of the roast” […]

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Happy Birthday Blog!

If you have ever taken a look at this blog, a big thank you! Yesterday, I got a notification informing me that this little place where I dump whatever pops into my head is now a whole year old. According to my account, I currently have a grand total of 539 followers, including email followers, […]

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My Winter in Pictures

Hey gang! I’ve been wanting to put some content on my blog lately, and I’ve just been hit by a flash of inspiration – why not do like I did in the autumn and do a snapshot of pics from my winter? I was originally inspired to do a post showing my autumn in pictures […]

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What I’ve Been Loving Lately

Hello you! Today, I thought I’d do a little post about things that I’ve been loving in recent times. This post will comprise a number of different cultural things, including food, fashion and books, so read on!   Instagram Now I didn’t think I was an Instagram fan until I actually got my own personal […]

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The “My World of Work Day” Fiasco: Why Children Should Aspire to Whatever They Want

A few weeks back, Durrington C of E VC Junior School, located in Wiltshire in the south-west of England, made the headlines for a letter to parents that divided opinion. In the communication, the school informed the readers that they were holding a “My World of Work Day” and were inviting their pupils to come […]

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